docker-onion nmap Scan .onion hidden services with nmap using Tor, proxychains and dnsmasq in a minimal alpine Docker container

docker-onion nmap  Scan .onion hidden services with nmap using Tor, proxychains and dnsmasq in a minimal alpine Docker container

Use nmap to scan hidden “onion” services on the Tor network. Minimal image based on alpine, using proxychains to wrap nmap. Tor and dnsmasq are run as daemons via s6, and proxychains wraps nmap to use the Tor SOCKS proxy on port 9050. Tor is also configured via DNSPort to anonymously resolve DNS requests to port 9053. dnsmasq is configured to with this localhost:9053 as an authority DNS server. Proxychains is configured to proxy DNS through the local resolver, so all DNS requests will go through Tor and applications can resolve .onion addresses. Example: $ docker run –rm -it milesrichardson/onion-nmap -p 80,443 facebookcorewwwi.onion [tor_wait] Wait for Tor to boot… (might take a while) [tor_wait] Done. Tor booted. [nmap onion] nmap -p 80,443 facebookcorewwwi.onion [proxychains] config file found: /etc/proxychains.conf [proxychains] preloading /usr/lib/ [proxychains] DLL init: proxychains-ng 4.12 Starting Nmap 7.60 ( ) at 2017-10-23 16:17 UTC [proxychains] Dynamic chain … … facebookcorewwwi.onion:443 … OK [proxychains] Dynamic chain … … facebookcorewwwi.onion:80 … OK Nmap scan report for facebookcorewwwi.onion ( Host is up (2.7s latency). PORT STATE SERVICE 80/tcp open http 443/tcp open https Nmap done: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 3.58 seconds How it works: When the container boots, it launches Tor and dnsmasq as daemons. The tor_wait script then waits for the Tor SOCKS proxy to be up before executing your command.

Arguments: By default, args to docker run are passed to /bin/nmap which calls nmap with args -sT -PN -n “$@” necessary for it to work over Tor (via For example, this:

docker run –rm -it milesrichardson/onion-nmap -p 80,443 facebookcorewwwi.onion will be executed as: proxychains4 -f /etc/proxychains.conf /usr/bin/nmap -sT -PN -n -p 80,443 facebookcorewwwi.onion In addition to the custom script for nmap, custom wrapper scripts for curl and nc exist to wrap them in proxychains, at /bin/curl and /bin/nc. To call them, simply specify curl or nc as the first argument to docker run. For example: docker run –rm -it milesrichardson/onion-nmap nc -z 80 facebookcorewwwi.onion will be executed as: proxychains4 -f /etc/proxychains.conf /usr/bin/nc -z 80 facebookcorewwwi.onion and docker run –rm -it milesrichardson/onion-nmap curl -I https://facebookcorewwwi.onion will be executed as: proxychains4 -f /etc/proxychains.conf /usr/bin/curl -I https://facebookcorewwwi.onion If you want to call any other command, including the original /usr/bin/nmap or /usr/bin/nc or /usr/bin/curl you can specify it as the first argument to docker run, e.g.: docker run –rm -it milesrichardson/onion-nmap /usr/bin/curl -x socks4h://localhost:9050 https://facebookcorewwwi.onion Environment variables: There is only one environment variable: DEBUG_LEVEL. If you set it to anything other than 0, more debugging info will be printed (specifically, the attempted to connections to Tor while waiting for it to boot). Example: $ docker run -e DEBUG_LEVEL=1 –rm -it milesrichardson/onion-nmap -p 80,443 facebookcorewwwi.onion [tor_wait] Wait for Tor to boot… (might take a while) [tor_wait retry 0] Check socket is open on localhost:9050… [tor_wait retry 0] Socket OPEN on localhost:9050 [tor_wait retry 0] Check SOCKS proxy is up on localhost:9050 (timeout 2 )… [tor_wait retry 0] SOCKS proxy DOWN on localhost:9050, try again… [tor_wait retry 1] Check socket is open on localhost:9050… [tor_wait retry 1] Socket OPEN on localhost:9050 [tor_wait retry 1] Check SOCKS proxy is up on localhost:9050 (timeout 4 )… [tor_wait retry 1] SOCKS proxy DOWN on localhost:9050, try again… [tor_wait retry 2] Check socket is open on localhost:9050… [tor_wait retry 2] Socket OPEN on localhost:9050 [tor_wait retry 2] Check SOCKS proxy is up on localhost:9050 (timeout 6 )… [tor_wait retry 2] SOCKS proxy UP on localhost:9050 [tor_wait] Done. Tor booted. [nmap onion] nmap -p 80,443 facebookcorewwwi.onion [proxychains] config file found: /etc/proxychains.conf [proxychains] preloading /usr/lib/ [proxychains] DLL init: proxychains-ng 4.12 Starting Nmap 7.60 ( ) at 2017-10-23 16:34 UTC [proxychains] Dynamic chain … … facebookcorewwwi.onion:443 … OK [proxychains] Dynamic chain … … facebookcorewwwi.onion:80 … OK Nmap scan report for facebookcorewwwi.onion ( Host is up (2.8s latency). PORT STATE SERVICE 80/tcp open http 443/tcp open https Nmap done: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 4.05 seconds

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PR# 1064 – Fix snmp.lua for SNMPv2c

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PR# 1064 – Fix snmp.lua for SNMPv2c From: Tamizh N <thamizh85 () gmail com>Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2017 20:41:45 +0800 SNMP library always falls back to SNMP v1 even when explicitly calling v2 in the helper function. This is because the version number is incorrectly referenced as self.version instead of self.options.version in request function. Please review my pull request #1064 in github as a patch for this. — Tamizh _______________________________________________ Sent through the dev mailing list Archived at

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  • PR# 1064 – Fix snmp.lua for SNMPv2c Tamizh N (Nov 12)


Cyber security Framework: A Pragmatic Path to Bolstering Security

Cyber security Framework: A Pragmatic Path to Bolstering Security

National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) came to an end this week, and although the campaign is only one-month long, we can’t stress enough the importance of cybersecurity awareness as a year-round practice. Over the past few weeks, we’ve talked about the new norm in cybersecurity, the importance of adopting an analytics-driven security platform, and what’s currently top of mind for CISOs. Last week, we highlighted the security challenges facing the healthcare industry; and closing out this week, we’re shining the spotlight on the security challenges in the public sector.

On May 11, 2017, the presidential executive order on strengthening cybersecurity of federal networks and critical infrastructure was issued. The order explicitly mandates that federal agencies should implement the Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) from NIST to manage agency’s cybersecurity risk. The order goes further to say that the agency’s leaders (or their designates) will be held responsible for implementing these measures and they should be aligned with its strategic, operational and budgetary planning processes.

What is the Cybersecurity Framework?

The CSF is one of many publications from NIST with the express intent of providing guidance to enhance cyber hygiene and posture, developed in collaboration between industry and government. It offers a set of optional standards, best practices, and recommendations for improving cybersecurity at the organizational level. The framework offers a single cohesive strategy and aims to standardize security practices to ensure uniform protection of all US cyber assets, not just in government but any industry critical to the country’s economy and citizen’s quality of life.

The core premise of the CSF is risk management. Risk management is a methodology wherein organizations decide on their risk tolerance and select and implement the appropriate security measures to protect their assets. To ensure that the organization stays at or below the chosen level of risk, implemented measures need to be continuously monitored in real time so any deviance can be addressed quickly.

Since many organizations inherently are dispersed, demonstrating compliance can be challenging given the tedious data collection requirements, disparate and heterogeneous technologies strewn across agencies, a lack of real-time visibility into systems and an inability to customize and scale to organizational needs. For effective risk management, information sharing and collaboration are critical to creating end-to-end views so leadership can observe what is transpiring across the agency’s systems, determine any deviations or non-compliance and take necessary action quickly.

This is where Splunk has proven to help organizations effectively. Splunk provides cost-effective, integrated yet customizable solutions that can provide the visibility to help assess your current state, continuously monitor events and metrics, and deliver real-time visualizations and dashboards across the organization for fast and informed decision making to manage risk effectively. Splunk extends self-reporting capabilities to make audits easier.

A common misconception is that any NIST guidance including the CSF is only for the government sector given the source. But if you really look at it, CSF is about cyber hygiene—a framework that helps you get your house in order so you can be well-prepared to combat threats and not fall prey because of exposed weak links. Preparedness goes a long way and is fundamental for a solid defense strategy. No organization is immune to cyberattacks and the CSF should be part of your consideration.

Listen to NIST Fellow Dr. Ron Ross on his thoughts on the need for a risk-based cybersecurity strategy in the video above, and read about how Splunk can help in our “Splunk and the Cybersecurity Framework” tech brief.

cyber security information security-CybersecurityOverview Combating Cyber Crime Securing Federal Networks Protecting Critical Infrastructure

(cyber security information security)CybersecurityOverview Combating Cyber Crime Securing Federal Networks Protecting Critical Infrastructure Cyber Incident Response Cyber Safety Cybersecurity Insurance Cybersecurity Jobs Cybersecurity Training & Exercises Information Sharing Stakeholder Engagement and Cyber Infrastructure Resilience Education What You Can Do Cybersecurity Our daily energy, economic lift, and general security depend on a stable, wicked, and resilient cyberspace.Cyberspace and its underlying infrastructure are assailable to a distant frequent of wager flame from both physical and cyber lour and stake. Sophisticated cyber actors and people-states combat vulnerabilities to steal complaint and money and are underdeveloped capabilities to disrupt, dismantle, or menace the delivery of being avail. Cybersecurity Overview Strengthening the ease and resilience of cyberspace has grow an important homeland security message. Combating Cyber Crime Today’s world is more interrelated than ever before. Yet, for all its profit, increased connectivity brings increased risk of larceny, sham, and abuse. Securing Federal Networks DHS works with each federal scorpion department and agency to completely respond to ever-changing threats against their meshwork. Protecting Critical Infrastructure DHS draws on the Nation’s full range of expertise and resources to secure fastidious infrastructure from cyber threaten. Cyber Incident Response DHS provides assistance to potentially impacted entities, psychoanalyze the potential impingement across fastidious infrastructure, examine those responsible in conjunction with law compulsion partners, and coordinates the national answer to significant cyber incidents. Cybersecurity Insurance Protects businesses and individuals from Internet-supported risks and from exposure relating to intelligence technology infrastructure and activities. Information Sharing Information portion is constitutional to the protection of captious infrastructure and to additional cybersecurity for the people. Cyber Safety Every season we associate to the Internet, we require decisions that move our cybersecurity. Cybersecurity Education & Career Development DHS is attached to strengthening the nation’s cybersecurity workforce through standardizing roles and helping to ensure we have well-trained cybersecurity workers today as well as a stout pipeline of future cybersecurity leaders of tomorn. Cybersecurity Jobs at DHS The imposition for an experienced and competent workforce to champion our Nation’s net and information systems has never been higher. Cybersecurity and Privacy DHS empowers its cybersecurity playbill to replace by integrating privacy protections from the outset. Cyber Research & Development DHS continues to study and disentangle new innovative solutions to complex cybersecurity problems. Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015 Implementation Information on implementation of the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015 and DHS’s Automated Indicator Sharing (AIS) initiative.(cyber security information security)

Cyber security – the best weapon remains good information security ...

(cyber security information security)About the Program Center for Cyber Security Ivy Tech Community College produce the Center for Cyber Security to meet the request for high-nature cyber ease instruction and making. Through our nationally recognized navel, Ivy Tech students receive the breeding and school they strait for jobs that secure our community, quality and nation’s computers, plexure and dangerous infrastructure. The application will make the endowment to recognize and fixed information processing system confidence attacks. The bodily cuculate in the program is designate for students with advanced data processor knowledge or generally practical in the electronic computer manufacture. Cyber Security is a gradation that can be applied to many facets of the bookworm’s energy, from personal to work share. There is a development extremity for stronger Cyber Security with the incremental media consideration. The rank of Ivy Tech’s programs is confess by several governmental entities, testimony to the quality of the course, direction and administering maintain. Learn more in the Accreditation and Affiliates division below.. Student Opportunities Our Certificates, Technical Certificates, Associate of Science, and Associate of Applied Science cyber course furnish students with work force-on skills claim for security infrastructures and devices. There are also happening for internships and externships to increase bookworm competency in Cyber Security in real-earth situations. Students will also have the opportunities to: Obtain a National Security Agency and Department of Defense-acknowledge aptitude set and awareness of current conclusion Earn a Certificate or Technical Certificate in Cyber Security as a specialization, or for go on teaching credits Earn an accompany gradation and persist to 4 year colleges with articulation agreement For more notice, see the Cyber Security degrees and certificates section below. Our Graduates Our alumnus are able to find jobs within many dissimilar organizations. Through Career Development, we are capable to support our students in maintenance a stab. Example assertion embody Network Security Support Technician, Security Auditor, and Digital Forensics Analyst. Transfer Partners If you would like to continue your education after complementary your Ivy Tech extent, we have several four-year alienate partnership in ground. Talk to your carry over favor for more intelligence about move opportunities! Ivy Tech’s School of Computing and Informatics programs were funded by 92%, or $2,284,018 of U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration TAACCCT Grant endowment.(cyber security information security)

best malware protection- Almost all computer users know about Antivirus software

(best malware protection)These days malware attacks increases a lot and necessity of a good anti-malware programs has been increased widely. Almost all computer users know about Antivirus software, but what is this Antimalware. To know about antimalware we first need to understand the Malware. Malware is a term which defines all type of malicious software which can harm a computer in any way, which can includes Viruses, Trojans, Spyware, Worms, Scamware, Adware, Ransomware, Scareware etc.

My malware-blocking test necessarily uses the same set of samples for months. To check a product’s handling of brand-new malware, I test each product using 100 extremely new malware-hosting URLs supplied by MRG-Effitas, noting what percentage of them it blocked. Products get equal credit for preventing all access to the malicious URL and for wiping out the malware during download.

Best Malware Protection

Malwarebytes is a well known name for Antimalware software. It is very popular as it is effective and FREE. You can use it free for life to scan and clean malware. They are also providing a paid option where you can get real time protection. In real time protection it worked in the background and stop any malware before they enter into system. It is compatible with mostly all antiviruses and can be used along with any of your existing antivirus protection. New Malwarebytes 3 includes new features like Ransomware protection, Exploit Protection, Web Protection etc.

Best practices for malware protection and prevention - Faronics

In a perfect world, all the programs on your computer would do only assigned, beneficial tasks. Alas, in the flawed real world, some programs don’t have your best interests at heart. Malicious software, or malware, can steal your personal information, hold your important documents for ransom, even weasel into your bank accounts. And malware coders constantly find new ways to sneak malware onto your system. To foil these attacks, you need the protection provided by security software.

Malware protection solutions come in all sizes. Despite “virus” in the name, a basic antivirus utility actually aims to protect against all types of malware. Full scale security suites expand protection to include such things as spam filtering and parental control. Some antimalware tools work alongside your main protection to provide added security against specific threats, such as ransomware. Before we explore the different types of protection available, let’s look at just what they’re up against.

Today in a fast changing world where every day lots of malware getting discovered everyday, It is very hard to recommend a particular software as the best. Every software have their own methodology to detect the threats, So it is common that one software can miss threats and another one can catch them. Taking a second opinion is always a good idea. There is no harm in using all the below tools to clear every possible malware. As mostly these below tools are portable tools, so you don’t need to install them, you can simply run them as an On Demand Scanner to make sure that there is no malware residing in your PC.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free is not antivirus software. It can’t protect a PC from infection, but it does an excellent job of cleaning out malware that’s already on your system. Plus, it doesn’t interfere with any antivirus software that’s already installed. We recommend Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free as a complement to any antivirus program.

The term malware is short for malicious software, and it refers to absolutely any program or process whose purpose is harmful, even criminal. The earliest form of malware was the computer virus, the name for a program that infects other programs with its code, and replicates when the infected program runs. Many early viruses had no malicious payload; they just served to show off the coder’s skills, or even to give a shout-out to a loved one. Because viruses were first, we still use the name antivirus for software that protects against all kinds of malware.

Creative Sound BlasterX Vanguard K08: Surprisingly Capable

Creative Sound BlasterX Vanguard K08: Surprisingly Capable

Creative Sound BlasterX Vanguard K08: Surprisingly Capable

The Sound Blaster name has been synonymous with PC audio for as long as I can remember. I was including Sound Blaster cards in my very first gaming rigs, back before on-board sound came built into most motherboards, and it’s a name that still carries weight in gaming circles today. But why would a veteran audio firm decide to enter the highly competitive peripheral market?

As it turns out, the Sound BlasterX Vanguard K08 Keyboard is part of the company’s strategy to extend beyond helping gamers perceive the environment, and into aiding reaction and execution based on that perception. This explains the Perceive, React, Execute branding and those unique PRES mechanical switches supplied by OMRON, which make an appearance in the firm’s first pro-gaming keyboard. As an opening effort, the Vanguard K08 is surprisingly capable and full-featured, with several pleasing design choices that make it a solid addition to the Sound BlasterX pro-gaming range.


  • MSRP: $179.99 (currently $139.99)

  • 109 programmable keys

  • Dimensions: 215mm (149mm without wrist rest) x 465mm x 37.6mm

  • Weight: 1288g including cable & wrist rest

  • USB 2.0 cable with braided sheath and 2 plugs (k/b & pass-through)

  • Low profile KeySwift key caps

  • Media keys, Windows lock key and brightness control

  • Rotary volume control and mute key

  • Programmable Aurora RGB lighting system with 10 presets

  • 2 position adjustable height

  • Detachable wrist rest

  • USB 2.0 pass-through port

  • 26-key rollover with Anti-Ghosting technology

  • PRES custom OMRON mechanical key switches rated for 70 million actuations

  • 1.5mm key actuation, 3.5mm total key travel

  • 45g key actuation force


Design & Finish

Compared to most other keyboards that we’ve looked at recently, the Vanguard K08 has a tight and compact design that avoids dominating the desk. The standard layout has been complemented by a single strip of macro keys down the left-hand side, adding minimal extra width. A bank of media keys has been added to the top-right, including a windows-lock and brightness toggle, but this is also a small-sized addition. Nestled next to these is a volume roller and mute button to round out the media set.

Bundled in the box is a solid plastic wrist rest, with two hooks that slot into the underside of the keyboard, making it very easy to remove. Two plastic feet can also be found underneath the back of the keyboard to increase the typing angle, providing solid grip and stability when in use. Although plastic, the whole frame is solidly built with no flex or give, even under intense gaming. The included braided cable adds to that premium feel, as does the USB pass-through socket tucked underneath the media button housing.

Aesthetically, the Vanguard K08 has a clean design that uses sharp lines and angled corners, avoiding some of the excessive moulding and styling that’s sometimes found with other brands. A glowing X sits next to the media buttons on the top right, but the LED colour can be changed or even deactivated in software. Elsewhere, the Sound BlasterX Pro Gaming logo has been lightly embossed on the wrist rest, leaving an overall impression that’s less gaudy and more classy, even for an RGB lighting keyboard.

Keycaps & Switches

Several years ago, I made the switch from an old membrane keyboard (the classic Logitech G15) and moved over to mechanical switches. Since then, I’ve grown to favour Cherry MX Reds for gaming, even though they’re noisy, and prefer the linear force profile over anything with a tactile bump. Even so, I’m full of contradictions, and generally use a laptop with chiclet style keys for any heavy typing sessions.

As a result, the PRES switches in the Vanguard K08 were always going to be a hard sell. Developed in conjunction with OMRON, these have a tactile force bump that’s very noticeable at first, even though they require the same 45g force to actuate. That said, the actuation point is slightly higher at 1.5mm instead of the usual 2mm, making them slightly more sensitive. One surprising change is that the tactile bump makes me less likely to ‘bottom out’ making the overall experience much quieter than before.

Pulling off the caps, each switch contains an RGB LED and diffuser in a central pillar, with the switch itself surrounding it. Two pairs of contacts are used in case one oxidises or traps grit, making each switch more reliable. The caps themselves are matte paint coated translucent plastic, which slot onto the switch with four plastic feet to create smooth travel regardless of the angle used to strike it.

After about a week of extended use, I’ll admit that I grew used to the Vanguard K08 PRES switches for gaming, once I popped open the rear feet. I wouldn’t say that I fell in love with them (our own Chris Coke and Suzie Ford are fans of similar switches used in other keyboards), but I do appreciate the quieter experience.

Lighting & Programmability

Straight out of the box, the Vanguard K08 dazzled me with a scrolling wave of rainbow colour washing across the keys. The effect is enhanced by the white backboard that sits behind the keys, reflecting those colours up through the gaps between each cap, and framed nicely by a thick black bezel. Sound Blaster also had a few more tricks up its sleeve once the software was downloaded, with a number of additional lighting presets to create further effects. If you’re not used to an RGB keyboard it can be a vivid display.

Because each keycap has its own LED, the RGB lighting is intense, particularly as Sound Blaster have chosen a thicker, bolder typeface for key lettering that lets the illumination pour through. In order to tone things down a bit, there’s a brightness toggle to drop the illumination or even turn it off completely, and it’s a feature I was grateful for as my gaming sessions stretched into the night.

It’s not all pretty lights, however. The audio mute key and windows lock buttons both flash when they’re active, making them a distraction that blinks in the corner of your eye, particularly if (like me) you tend to have your PC muted most of the time.

Once downloaded, the Sound Blaster Connect app is designed to help configure lighting presets, record and configure macros, and tweak performance. Unfortunately, the version used on our test rig ( was an initial disappointment, with many of the features blocked by BitDefender Total Security. Once whitelisted, the application was stable, allowing me to set up custom lighting configurations for my current stack of games.

That configuration capability is quite sophisticated, particularly when it comes to lighting effects. Complete board effects can be applied, including a wave of up to 6 different colours to ripple across the board. Alternatively, individual keys can be set to a specific colour, or even pulsate. It would be great to group keys together into banks and apply effects to all of them in one go, but multiple keys can be selected with ctrl+click.

Although it’s an early version, there are a couple of ways in which that feature set could be improved. One is to automatically detect which game I’m playing and switch lighting or macro sets automatically, instead of having to change them around in the control panel. Another is to allow lighting and macro sets to be easily exported, imported and shared with others, enabling gamers to get the most out of their purchase quickly. I’d also like the ability to punch a macro key to play a specific lighting set (say a quick burst of wave), but that’s just so I can show off when streaming.

Closing Thoughts

The Sound BlasterX Vanguard K08 is a solid and well-made keyboard, representing a strong first entry into pro-gaming peripherals. Features such as the sturdy build quality, braided sheath cabling, volume roller and minimalist aesthetics all add to that premium feel, with no hint of flex or creak even under heavy use. The accompanying Sound Blaster Connect app already includes a bundle of features to satisfy most gamers, and I hope to see it improve over time to support today’s nomadic gaming lifestyle.

Those custom OMRON PRES switches are a tougher sell, as the tactile bump and quiet operation reminds me of those legacy membrane keyboards. That said, over a week of testing they’ve gradually grown on me, and I’ve not found myself reaching for the old Cherry MX Red board that previously dominated my desk. And speaking of desk space, I’ve definitely appreciated the Vanguard K08’s compact profile, giving me space to throw down a more luxuriant mouse mat on my cramped workspace.

For current membrane keyboard users, the tactile feedback and lowered profile might be ideal as a first trip into mechanicals. For existing Cherry aficionados looking for a quieter life, the OMRON switches might be the solution, shrouded in a solidly built and high quality frame. While it might not be to everyone’s taste, there’s certainly a lot to like about the Sound BlasterX Vanguard K08.

The product discussed in this article was provided by the manufacturer for the purposes of review.


  • Great build quality

  • Compact and minimalist design

  • Quiet operation

  • Good customisation in software


  • Annoying blinking mute & windows key lock lights

  • Software could do with more usability features


how to shop for security systems-LandlineLandline monitoring uses a phone line to communicate with the monitoring center when an alarm is triggered.

(how to shop for security systems)During our three months with the security systems, we looked for a few things: equipment functionality, customer support, ease of use, and whether the company met the expectations they promised. At the end of the day, we didn’t have a lot to report on what it was like to live with the home security systems. We think this is a good thing. Security systems aren’t meant to disrupt everyday life — if you don’t notice it regularly, it’s probably working. We learned more about our systems by ordering, installing, and acclimating with the systems. Still, after a few months of use, we found four providers whose unique features and customer support were a cut above the rest.

How to shop for home security systems | Clark Howard

The good news is that almost 80 percent of homeowners with alarms rated their systems as effective in protecting their homes, according to a survey by the Consumer Reports National Research Center.But consumers shopping for systems often report hassles, said Angie Hicks, founder of Angie’s List, which collects customer ratings for various categories.”Home alarms is one of the categories where we hear complaints about high-pressure sale and scare tactics,” she said. Some companies insist on long-term monitoring contracts.And prices can be all over the place, said Robert Krughoff, president of Consumers’ Checkbook, which rates home security companies and recently published an extensive report on the topic to its members.”We see a lot of variation in price and no real relationship between quality and price,” he said. “We found some of the lower-cost places rated very high in terms of quality, and some of the high-priced places don’t rate particularly high.”Here are some basic questions and answers to help you shop.Do I need a home security system? “I think the most important advice is to think twice before even bothering with a system,” Krughoff said. “There are a lot of things you can do that would probably be more powerful than any home security system.”Burglars usually aren’t sophisticated. They often take advantage of unlocked doors or windows that are easily jarred open.”Most of the time they get in through very unartful means,” said Kevin Brasler, executive editor of Consumers’ Checkbook.Cheap and effective alternatives are quality deadbolts on doors, substantial window locks and motion-sensor lighting outside. You could get a dog, although its care might turn it into a pricey option. You could bluff by posting a Beware of Dog sign or the window stickers from alarm companies.Habits matter too. Always lock you doors when you’re away. And when you’re on vacation, put lights on timers and have someone pick up newspapers or place newspapers on vacation hold.”Those things really matter,” Krughoff said.The Consumer Reports survey found that 19 percent of respondents said they at least occasionally leave doors at home unlocked when they’re out, and 26 percent said they at least occasionally leave windows unlocked when they’re not at home.Consider that owning an alarm can be a hassle. You have to turn it on when you leave and rush to turn it off when your arrive home. Children, house guests and pets can accidentally trip the alarm, potentially leading to local fines for false alarms. And you’re supposed to test your system monthly to make sure it is communicating with the monitoring service, according to the Electronic Security Association. Maybe those hassles are why 43 percent of people who have an alarm say they occasionally don’t turn it on when not at home, according to the Consumer Reports survey.

How to buy online 12V 7 2Ah SLA Rechargeable Battery for Security ...

LandlineLandline monitoring uses a phone line to communicate with the monitoring center when an alarm is triggered. For a long time, this was the only method for monitoring your home, but it’s outdated by today’s security standards because it’s not as secure as newer methods. On the upside, it’s the cheapest option if you’re looking for a basic security package.You’ll want to consider a landline, or hardwired, connection if you live in a very remote location that’s not within cell tower reach. Otherwise, we wouldn’t recommend it because it’s the most susceptible to tampering. A burglar can simply cut the wires to your house and disconnect your entire security alarm system.BroadbandBroadband monitoring uses an internet connection to notify the monitoring center of an emergency. This type of connection is much safer and faster than a landline, and it’s less expensive than cellular communication. And with a broadband connection, you can add home automation features. The primary downside to broadband is its reliability. If your internet is down, your security system will be, too.In most cases, you can pay a little more to have a landline connection back up your broadband connection, so you can add advanced technology and have a fail-safe security method.CellularCellular monitoring means your security alarm system uses a cellular uplink to communicate with the monitoring center. It’s quickly becoming the new standard because it’s the most reliable connection, and it’s less susceptible to tampering. This type of connection is faster than landline and broadband, and it’s the easiest to install because it doesn’t require any wires. The only downside is that it’s the most expensive, so if you decide to go with a plan that has cellular, expect to pay more money.You’ll notice that some alarm companies offer only 100%-cellular services. If you go with this option, make sure your location has cellular coverage.

Vendor Comparison in Mobile Application Security – Key Players include IBM, WhiteHat Security & Pradeo Security Systems – Research and Markets

Vendor Comparison in Mobile Application Security – Key Players include IBM, WhiteHat Security & Pradeo Security Systems – Research and Markets

DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Research and Markets has announced the addition of the “Vendor Comparison in Mobile Application Security, 2015: MnM DIVE Matrix” report to their offering.

In today’s hyper-connected business environment, organizations are exploring ways to enhance functionalities to mobile devices enabling access to business critical information from anywhere, at any time. This makes mobile platform an increasingly attractive security target.

The report defines mobile application security as the comprehensive security approach to ensure the confidentiality of the data transferred among mobile applications, while ensuring transparency and visibility among business processes.

Mobile application security solutions empower IT security teams to rapidly secure mobile applications from potential threats and risks, through various testing capabilities, such as Static Application Security Testing (SAST), Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST), and Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST).

This involves examining the structure of mobile applications and studying how they exchange data in a cohesive manner, as well as identifying the key patches which can be easily exploited by hackers for financial gains. The key functionalities covered by mobile application security include threat mitigation, source code review, behavioral analysis, identification of vulnerability patterns, vulnerability ratings, and risk analysis.

Key Topics Covered:

1 Develop, Deliver, and Deploy Secure Mobile Apps for an Enriched End-User Experience

2 Mobile Application Security: Best Practices

3 DIVE Evaluations

4 Vendor Profiles

5 Supplemental Materials

6 Endnotes

Companies Mentioned:

  • Appthority

  • Arxan Technologies

  • Checkmarx

  • Cigital

  • Hewlett-Packard (HP)

  • IBM Corporation

  • Pradeo Security Systems

  • Rapid7

  • Veracode

  • WhiteHat Security

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Fortune Brands Home & Security’s (FBHS) CEO Chris Klein on Q1 2017 Results – Earnings Call Transcript

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how to compare home security systems

Wireless Home Security Systems Launches to Provide Canadian Alarm Systems Price Comparison

Toronto, Ontario — (SBWIRE) — 05/30/2013 — Home security is a pressing concern for all those who wish to protect their loved ones and their possessions from the aggressions of thieves and criminals. Although a relative uncommon occurrence in some areas, it only takes one incident for people to realize their vulnerability and wish to take steps to increase their security measures. In Canada, Wireless Home Security Systems provides all the information someone could need to make pro-active changes to both their homes and their lives, to increase security and safety in the home.

The site includes detailed information on home alarm systems, with product reviews often posted to the blog explaining the features and advantages of a particular system and comparing it to others available on the market. The site also has a featured section on home security companies, describing their background, specialties and contact details.

The site works closely with authorized dealers from four of the top home security companies in Canada, and can offer a free quote on home security based on the best offer from each of the four premium security companies. Each quote is based on individual needs and requirements, making sure that anyone who gets in contact can get the deal that’s right for them.

A spokesperson for Wireless Home Security Systems explained, “Our site was created in response to increasing demand for advice and guidance on how to make homes more secure. There are a great many ways for individuals and families to increase their home security just by changing their habits and lifestyle, but this is not always enough. So we have put together a comprehensive guide comparing security systems so that consumers can find reliable, affordable security at a level that will help them feel their home is secure. We also provide information on all major manufactures including contact details, so it really is a one-stop shop.”

About Wireless Home Security SystemsWireless Home Security Systems offer detailed price comparison between the main home security providers in Canada, with side by side analysis and detailed individual reviews to ensure that consumers can get the features they need for a price they’re happy to pay. The site also offers home safety tips and a security guide for lifestyle planning. For more information, please visit:

Nmap Network Vulnerability Scanning Tool

(Nmap Network Vulnerability Scanning Tool)When a new vulnerability is discovered, you often want to scan your networks quickly to identify vulnerable systems before the bad guys do. While Nmap isn’t a comprehensive vulnerability scanner, NSE is powerful enough to handle even demanding vulnerability checks. Many vulnerability detection scripts are already available, and they plan to distribute more as they are written.

Wireshark Best Network Analyzer Freeware

Obviously there are a few ways to check for this, the first is obvious, check what servers have IIS installed. However, this bug isn’t limited to IIS, rather anything using HTTP.sys and, of course, a HTTP server can be spun up on any port you want so we need to check for servers that have HTTP exposed on any port from 1-65535.


Early in the article you say, “ anything using HTTP.sys and, of course, a HTTP server can be spun up on any port you want so we need to check for servers that have HTTP exposed on any port from 1-65535.

GFI LanGuard is a network security and vulnerability scanner designed to help with patch management, network and software audits, and vulnerability assessments. The price is based on the number of IP addresses you wish to scan. A free trial version (up to 5 IP addresses) is available. Read 6 reviews.

Reconnaissance is to collect as much as information about a target network as possible. From a hacker’s perspective, the information gathered is very helpful to make an attack, so to block that type of malicious attempt, generally a penetration tester tries to find the information and to patch the vulnerabilities, if found. This is also called Footprinting. Usually by information gathering, someone can find the below information:

Nmap uses raw IP packets in novel ways to determine what hosts are available on the network, what services (application name and version) those hosts are offering, what operating systems (and OS versions) they are running, what type of packet filters/firewalls are in use, and dozens of other characteristics. It was designed to rapidly scan large networks, but works fine against single hosts. Nmap runs on all major computer operating systems, and official binary packages are available for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.

As you can see below, I have used (-sc) options (or –script), which is a default script scan for the target network. You can see we got ssh, rpcbind, netbios-sn but the ports are either filtered or closed, so we can say that may be there are some firewall which is blocking our request. Later we will discuss how to identify firewalls and try to evade them.

The -Sp option is responsible for a ping only scan. It will be more useful when you have a group of IP addresses and you don’t know which one is reachable. By specifying a particular target, you can get even more information, like MAC address.

Once logged into Enlightenment, a terminal window will need to be opened. By clicking on the desktop background, a menu will appear. Navigating to a terminal can be done as follows: Applications -> System -> ‘Xterm‘ or ‘UXterm‘ or ‘Root Terminal‘.

Rapid7 Nexpose is a vulnerability scanner which aims to support the entire vulnerability management lifecycle, including discovery, detection, verification, risk classification, impact analysis, reporting and mitigation. It integrates with Rapid7’s Metasploit for vulnerability exploitation. It is sold as standalone software, an appliance, virtual machine, or as a managed service or private cloud deployment. User interaction is through a web browser. There is a free but limited community edition as well as commercial versions which start at $2,000 per user per year. Read 12 reviews.(Nmap Network Vulnerability Scanning) Tool

researchers and manufacturers of suffer devices are trying to find ordinary dregs

It may seem that while researchers and manufacturers of suffer devices are trying to find ordinary dregs, unadorned users have no option but to postpone, but that is not fully unwavering. There is something you can do around it, and we’ll help. It should be the manufacturer, which unquestionable a kettle necessarily a Wi-Fi connection but did not bother to protect the connection, but at last, the suffer decision esquire is deemed accountable. Kaspersky IoT Scanner — to find and to ninny To become it easier for folks to find vulnerabilities in sharp devices that are united to the domicile cobweb, we created a devoted app, Kaspersky IoT Scanner. At the same repetition, if it turns out that aforesaid kettle is sending spam, active in diversified-negation-of-avail (DDoS) hit, and comprehensively not comport itself online since it was corrupt with malware and became part of a botnet, someone has to shoulder the reprehension. You can exclude the uncalled inquiline through the use interface of your admittance peculiarity. One of the saddest peculiarities of the IoT is that only the manufacturer of a witty shift — let’s essay a sharp kettle — can unravel all of its assurance problems; owners totally often are not skillful of doing anything. Upon scrutinize the cobweb, it disclose all of the devices that are joined to your Wi-Fi paroxysm instant. We often dialogue circularly the Internet of Things being horribly uncertain. Threatpost announce gospel on this topic almost diurnal. If IoT Scanner find out that some devices have open ports that can be potently exploited, then the app will apprise and brisk the user to conclude those transport, thus patching the interstice. Then, the poultice consider remedy cobweb gate on those devices and finds out which of the porthole are unreserved and which are grapple. It is through this form that you will study that a renovated device has united your reticulation (what if it’s not yours?) and proximately see how unendangered it is. The problem is you don’t say sign, and there are not enough solutions for it. Second, not every shift truly like the closing of transport. Maybe you can immolate a kimberwicke of exhilarate and opt for a fork that has neither extreme “brains” nor any contingency of being hired? At any scold, it’s your settlement: IoT Scanner equitable evince potently assailable flaw. You can front through the list and see if someone unwanted has adjunct to your router — and if that man is larceny bandwidth, or, defeat, scout on you. Little roaster, shallow swine, consider me appear in Kaspersky IoT Scanner has two more advantageous form. First, the IoT bazaar is extremely diversified; creating a step-by-measure handbook for the entire ramble of devices would be infeasible. After setting up, IoT Scanner examine your abode meshwork and set all of the devices constant to it. You will have to find a use keyboard for the opinion for which IoT Scanner has lay bare an frank harbor, and scrutinize the order for how to close it. There are, however, two blame. IoT Scanner also find out and scrutinize the harbor of any new device adjunct to the plexure, hindrance for unnecessarily uncovered portal, and warn you. You can take Kaspersky IoT Scanner in Google Play. We think if a invention on your house reticulation is lost that form, you should give some conception to whether you so poverty that thing in your abode. The app is still in beta, but it is fully frank. The Android app psychoanalyse your asylum cobweb, become a inclination of all joined devices, and revealing national vulnerabilities.